I also go by:

  • KG
  • KumaG
  • Gomatha
  • Baldwin

  • So, what do I do?

    I make games (or at least, aspire to).

    Right now (), I make Guy fangames.
    Using the YoYoYo engine for GMS1, I try to branch out and try new ideas by
    combining other game ideas with basic fangame rules.
    I started making games around the end of 2018, took a long break,
    and eventually came back when I collaborated with dono
    on I wanna be the BHG in the summer of 2019. We eventually worked on the sequel,
    I wanna be the Matryoshka, in early 2020.
    Matryoshka later got remade into Matryoshka SP. This version improved the bosses,
    and is the definitive way to play Matryoshka.

    A screenshot from Matryoshka, featuring the protagonist, Tassel.

    After working on Matryoshka, I spent lots of time
    working on my own big game, Panasonic Bluray.
    This game is significantly longer than my others.
    It is about the now-defunct hardware store HHGreGG
    and an ancient relic.

    A screenshot from Panasonic Bluray, featuring
    a desolate factory on a snowy mountainside.

    I have also worked on many major collaborative projects since 2020.
    I made parts for Jingle Jam, I Wanna Go Back To Basics, and Needle Hatena.
    I also assisted with the development of Needle Hatena.

    I make music (sort of).

    I have been playing piano for almost 10 years now.
    I have also explored DAWs such as LMMS and musagi.
    In 2018, I made a remix of a song from Liquid Kids.
    I also wrote and arranged the ending song of Matryoshka.